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Pay My Bill

paymybill [1]

We have 2 kinds of billing.

AGENCY BILL – The bill is sent from the Agency. You pay the agency your premium, then we forward the premium, less commission, to the insurance company. This is used on Commercial Insurance only. Invoices are uploaded to your Private Commercial Insurance Page [2] approximately 30 days ahead of their due date, and can be paid via Demand Draft* [3], check, money order or cash brought to the agency.
(*A Demand Draft, also known as a Virtual Check, is a check without a signature. Your electronic authorization is honored by your bank or credit union. You can pay via electronic Demand Draft as long as your policy is not in cancellation status.)

DIRECT BILL – The bill is sent from the Insurance Company. You pay the company the premium, then they send our commission to us.


Why the two methods?  Agency Bill, with few exceptions, is typically used in commercial insurance. Direct Bill, on the other hand, is more prevalent with personal insurance. Direct Bill has several convenient advantages:

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