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Water losses can be some of the most frustrating types of claims.  In the insurance industry, there are 3 types of water losses: Water Damage, Water Back-up and Flood.

  • Water Damage – damage caused by a faulty or malfunctioning part of the dwelling or structure. Examples include leaking roof, deteriorated pipes, malfunctioning appliances or clogged toilets & interior plumbing. Water Damage claims typically enjoy the policy limit of coverage for the building and contents.
  • Water Back-up – damage caused by inability of water to flow properly into a sewer, septic or other drainage system.  The cause of such claims can be on or off premises, including a blockage in the drain, tree roots getting into the sewer pipe, or older sewer systems being unable to handle a sudden summer storm. (The Cincinnati Ins. Co. Homeowner, Condo & Tenant’s WBU coverage also includes Hydro-static Water Pressure* and Sump Pump failure.) Water back-up claims typically have a “sub-limit” of $5,000, $10,000 or other amount that is less than the full policy limit for the building and contents.
  • Flood – damage cause by water upon the surface of the ground. The cause of such claims can be natural or man-made. These claims are NOT covered by the Homeowner, Condo or Tenant’s policies. Typically, one must purchase such coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program. If purchasing a home in Flood Zone A, your mortgage company will require you to purchase such a policy.

*Short video about Hydro-static Water Pressure:

What is hydrostatic water pressure? from The Cincinnati Insurance Company on Vimeo.

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